Samsung Universal Print Driver

Type Windows
 Basic 10 – 7 Windows Update
Basic 10 – XP / 2012 – 2003 29.11.2019 25.2 [MB] Download
XPS 10 – Vista / 2012 – 2003 1.09.2017 27.9 [MB] Download
PCL6 10 – XP / 2012 – 2003 04.02.2015 14.2 [MB] Download
PS 10 – XP / 2012 – 2003 29.11.2019 24.5 [MB] Download
10 – XP / 2012 – 2003 1.11.2017 1.02.19 22.5 [MB] Download
Mac OS X 11.0 11.02.2021 3.93.01 19.7 [MB] Download
Mac OS X 10.15 16.09.2020 3.92.00 20.5 [MB] Download


Universal Print and Scan Drivers for Samsung printers and MFPs for Windows 10 – XP / 2016 – 2003 (32/64-bit) & Mac OS X 11.0 / 10.15 in English.






29 responses to “Samsung Universal Print Driver”

  1. hussain

    great job

  2. Anonymous


  3. Anonymous

    Samsung ML-2165 not work on macOS 11.4 with this driver! “filter failed”

    1. Ирина

      The new software probably does not support older products.
      Try using the old Samsung driver from this article.
      There are no other drivers.

  4. Kacper

    Filter failed on ML-2165 🙁 still not workig on macOS Big Sur 11.5

    1. Ирина

      There are no drivers for newer Mac versions for Samsung ML-2160 series. The latest release was from Samsung for Mac 10.11. These old drivers are in our article here.

      1. Lali

        try to use driver for M2060. It worked for me

        1. eleonora

          Confirm! I use a ML 2165W printer and 11.4 OS. After lots of attempts, I tried drivers for M2060 and it works! thanks for your suggestions

          1. marta

            Hi Eleonora,
            where did you download the driver for ML2165W?

          2. Kacper

            I can’t see any drivers for this printer M2060, the software is only for 10.x,x not for macOS 11…

          3. Anonymous

            OMG IT WORKS!!!!!! for ML 2165W!! select on add printer on the bottom: “USE” – choose from drop list select software and choose M2060.Thankkksssssss

            1. Booster

              Worked for ML2165W using M2060 MacOS Monterey V12.6

        2. Anonymous

          yes with me it worked

  5. Sarah

    Yes, can anyone send a link to where we can download the driver that works?

    1. What I did:
      1. Downloaded the driver on top of this page
      2. In printers and scanners: click on the ” +” to add a printer.
      3. In the bottom of the add printer dialog there is ‘name’, ‘location’ and a pulldown to select the printer driver. In the pulldown, select ‘select driver…’ or something like that (I’m on a Dutch version of Macos, not sure what the EN translation should be
      4. Select M2060 from the list
      5. click ok and click ‘add’ .

      This should do the trick!

      1. Sunil Kalra

        Kudos. It worked for me even with Mac OS Ventura 13.0.

        1. Simon

          (Printer Samsung c410w) the M2060 driver did’t work for me (mac OS Ventura 13.3.1) but I tried the C3010 Series driver this on worked just fine. I recommend to everyone just to tire out the different drives until one works doesn’t take a long time and theres gonna be at least one that’l do it.

  6. Gabriel

    tenho uma ml1860, sera que funciona?

    1. Ирина

      Sim, um driver de impressão básico serve, primeiro link.

  7. emanuele

    samsung c410w ok!!! thankyou sooo much

  8. Sang

    Works for me, Samsung ML-2165. 2021 16″ MacBook m1 pro. Thank you!

  9. Gema

    worked with my samsung 2165. Thank you.
    How do i configure now the airprinter?


    1. Ирина

      AirPrint setup guide for Samsung laser printers here.

  10. Anonymous

    Worked OK in my Samsung ML-2160! Thanks…

  11. Ahmed

    It worked for me. I am using Monterey 12.2 and I used the M2070 driver. I printed what I need.
    Thank you alot, all for your help

    1. Anton

      Thank You!

  12. Anonymous

    MacOS 11.7.7, Printer ML-2165

    Got it working using the M2070 Series Drivers

  13. Matt

    Worked fine in my Samsung ML-2165W! Thanks!!!!

  14. Fernando

    Did anyone got it working on bigsur (11.6.8) for scx-4200?

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