HP Easy Scan for Mac OS X

 Mac OS X
10.10 and newer 2020   1.10.0 135 [MB] MacAppStore

HP Easy Scan is an application for scanning on HP scanners or MFPs from computers running Mac OS X 10.10 and newer versions. Available for download from the Apple application store for free.

To run the program on the computer must be an ICA driver (included in the software package). If this driver is not supported, the utility will not work.

Install all necessary software will help HP Easy Start.






2 responses to “HP Easy Scan for Mac OS X”

  1. Ofelia

    My Scan was not working to I Uninstalled and trying to re-Install. For some reason the HP Easy Start download process is not communicating with my HP device. Both my Mac and HP printer are connected to my WiFi. What could be the problem? I get the error during the download “Unable to communicate with the device” and to following the step of making sure all cables are securely connected or that the wireless connection is working properly. and turn the device off, and then turn it on again. I did this step twice and still get the error.

    1. Anton

      Hello. I would probably have tried to connect the printer to the computer through a USB cable and tried again.

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