ICA Driver – Scan in Mac OS X

Mac OS X Mac OS X Date Language Ver. Size Download
11.x – 10.6 11.01.2021 english and other 5.8.9 23.55 [MB] Download
05.01.2021 english 5.8.9 15.1 [MB] Download

By downloading the driver you agree to all the terms of the Epson license.

The ICA driver is designed for Image Capture. This application is included in Mac OS X and using it on an MFP that is managed from a MacBook can be scanned.

In Image Capture, only the basic functions of the scanner are available. If possible, it is better to use the utility Epson Scan. However, for certain models of MFP (for example, discontinued) software for new versions of the operating system is not available. And it is recommended to use ICA Driver.

  1. Rich Albright

    Epson ***. A little company like VueScan can do it and Epson can’t. No I have to spend another $89 to scan becase you butt heads can’t figure it out.

    1. Ирина Post author

      For which Epson model and under which OS are you looking for a scanner driver?

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