Driver for Printer Epson ET-2750, ET-2750U

Windows / Mac OS XTypeDateVer.SizeDownload
Windows 11 and earlierCombo Package (ET-2750)27.04.202111.8 MBDownload
Combo Package (ET-2750U)07.07.202012.3 MBDownload
Printer Driver (x32)08.03.20222.71.0038.7 MBDownload
Printer Driver (x64)08.03.20222.71.0043 MBDownload
Scanner Driver & Epson Scan 2 Utility12.11.20206. MBDownload
Recovery Mode Firmware23.07.2020LW20K416 MBDownload
macOS 13.x / 12.x / 11.x / 10.15.xCombo Package (ET-2750)01.12.202125.2 MBDownload
macOS 10.14.x and earlierCombo Package (ET-2750)26.04.20199.85 MBDownload
macOS 13.x and earlierCombo Package (ET-2750U)23.12.20215.61 MBDownload
Printer Driver02.11.202212.6274.5 MBDownload
Scanner Driver & Epson Scan 2 Utility16.12.20206.4.9624.1 MBDownload
macOS 10.15.x and earlierRecovery Mode Firmware23.07.2020LW20K420.3 MBDownload
The Epson License

Drivers & Utilities & Firmwares for Multifunction Printers Epson ET-2750, ET-2750U for Windows 11 and earlier & macOS 13.x and earlier. Driver and utility packages (Combo Package) for macOS include printer drivers version 10.93. That is, after using the Combo Package, you can separately install the printer driver version 12.62 from the table above, thereby updating it. There are also Epson iPrint & Creative Print mobile apps and utilities below for this printer.

Remote Print Driver & Connect Printer Setup Utility

Print & Scan with pleasure.

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