Canon printers – preparation for work, loading of drivers, setup

Canon has created a very convenient portal for its users, which contains various software for printers and multifunction printers. User manuals are also stored here, there is a separate block with troubleshooting tips and answers to frequently asked questions.

Home page of the web portal.

  1. If you have just purchased a Canon printer or MFP, it’s best to start with the Set UP button.
  2. Enter the model of your device in the search bar (here you can search only for the model) and click Go, or find it in the form at the bottom of the page: series letters, and then numbers.
  3. Click Download and follow the wizard’s instructions to save the software to your computer and install it.
  4. If the printer is new, recommendations for preparing the printer for use will be helpful. To go to this page, click the Installing Printer button.
  5. At the bottom of the same page is another link where you can go to the manufacturer’s recommendations on the use of additional services.
  6. With the section See Recommended Functions, you should familiarize yourself with how to get the most out of all the device functions.
  7. If you have any problems, the help section may help you where the troubleshooting suggestions are collected. This part of the site has a keyword search.
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