MSI Center (v.

Windows 11 / 10 (x64)01.08.20232.0.22.0503 MBDownload
Windows 10 v.17134.0 or later (x64)

The video below shows and demonstrates what you can do with MSI Center. I will tell you briefly:

  1. You can monitor the system parameters (temperature, fan rotation speed and how much the computer components are loaded)
  2. You can update the software (for me this is the main function),
  3. You can adjust the computer’s operating mode (maximum power, balanced mode, maximum quiet mode or set your own personal operating mode (I hope there will be an option to configure the operating mode of the fans))
  4. You can install only the modules you need for more convenient computer setup

MSI recommends upgrading from MSI Dragon Center to this utility. Also, before installing / updating, you need to uninstall old versions of MSI Dragon Center / MSI Center. That is, first we delete everything, and then we download new versions and install them. Clean Center Master can help you remove the old version of MSI Center.
The video below shows how to install MSI Center correctly.

Also see instructions for laptops and desktop computers.



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