HP Support Assistant

Windows Windows Date Language Ver. Size Download
10 – 7 01.07.2020 Русский 9.6.605.0 / 137 [MB] Download
01.05.2020 Русский 9.6.598.0 / 139 [MB] Download
03.03.2020 Русский 9.6.587.0 / 139 [MB] Download
07.11.2019 Русский 9.5.353.0 / 134 [MB] Download

Preliminary read the HP license.

HP Support Assistant is a utility for the HP computer and printer. The program will help you to find out all the technical specifications of a computer or printer HP (serial number, model, operating system, information about the processor, RAM, drives and other information).

HP Support Assistant will automatically send you messages, important updates and recommendations for the effective and safe use of your computer and printer.

The official page of the utility, where the latest version is always available for download (you need to download, run and follow the wizard’s prompts). The video below shows how to configure the application to automatically update the software.

HP Support Assistant includes a utility for checking the battery of your laptop – HP Battery Check.

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