Mopria Print Service – print management from Android

Android5.0 or

Mopria Print Service is available for download on Google Play from the link above. To ensure printing from a mobile phone, you need to connect a smartphone and printer to one point. Also, you can connect Android via Wi-Fi Direct, if the printer supports this feature.

Many manufacturers are members of the alliance and produce printing equipment, with built-in technology Mopria. Information on this is found in the accompanying documentation, or on the case of the device. Regardless of the manufacturer, all printers and MFPs with Mopria technology can be controlled from Android from a single application. Additional drivers are also not needed.

On the alliance website you can see if your device supports this technology. For new Android (starting with version 8), the application is built into the system and it does not need to be installed or configured. But not all functions work there. If you need these additional features, install the application.






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