AirPrint – Apple technology for printing without drivers

Printers that support AirPrint technology do not need to install drivers or any other software for Mac OS X. Such printing devices are available from virtually any manufacturer. Lists of printers are published on the Apple support site and are updated regularly (once a month, according to the technical support of the site).

You can see the technical specifications. However, in order to know exactly whether there is a technology on your printer, it is best to contact the technical support of the manufacturer. The absence of such an entry in the documentation does not always mean that the function is not supported. Sometimes the AirPrint technology is added with a new firmware.

In order for the technology to work, the printer with AirPrint and Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod must:

  • Connect to one access point to the Internet via Wi-Fi;
  • Be in range for each other.

How to print from a Mac computer is described in detail here, instructions for mobile – here (both articles in English).






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