MSI Afterburner + MSI Kombustor

MSI Afterburner
For desktop / notebook 4.6.4beta 51.7 [MB] Download
iOS application 1.0.1 1.7 [MB] Download

MSI Afterburner is a utility for overclocking graphic adapters (video cards) from MSI. Download, unpack, install and run. Suitable for Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 32/64-bit.

MSI Afterburner allows you to monitor and change the frequency of the graphics adapter and memory, voltage and fan speed of the video card cooling system.

The utility is perfectly complemented by the MSI Kombustor video card test. With it, you can load the graphics adapter and check if the temperature is keeping within. The frames for most graphics adapters are 90-95 ° C (more precisely, you need to look in the specification).

How to use?

Find an overview of your video card and see to what frequencies and how it was dispersed. Set 70% of the result in the review. Run MSI Kombustor and check the temperature and stability of the work. If faults occur, it is better to reduce the frequency and voltage. If the video card is stable – start increasing by 5 MHz the frequencies testing the video card at each step.

Remember! All the risk in overclocking you take on. If the video card is under warranty – you may be refused warranty service.






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