Mission DriverFresh.com


My name is Anton. I am the author of the site DriverFresh.com. About me read here.

The mission of this site is to make more people more happy.

Before creating this site I met a huge number of sites that also offer download drivers. Some offer to download them for SMS, which in my opinion is paid, others offer to download a file, a self-extracting archive. The user downloads it and starts it. Further it is offered to download one more archive, launching which the user installs a huge number of questionable programs in the computer + the browser (I think Amigo from Mail.ru) + some Trojan transferring the user to the advertising site. Why do I tell all this in detail, because I myself have experienced all this on my own. It took me 3 hours to clean the system of all the installed programs and viruses. With the fact that I’m kind of like, not the most kettle in computers. 3 hours on it is unclear what. Other users may take more time, which they can spend more useful (take time for themselves, their half, their children, parents, and so on). The task of this site is to make the user save this time and still spend it more useful. To do this, our team tries to make only direct links to the driver files taken from the official sites of the equipment manufacturers. It tries to place the drivers in the recommended order for installation, every day to monitor the serviceability of the links to the drivers and promptly answer your questions in the comments.

We will be happy to receive feedback from you in the form of a commentary on any article. Write what you liked, what is not, what you would like to see on this site, how you want to see it. Thank you.